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Body Composition



Contact the trainer listed in our Trainer Directory to coordinate scheduling at a local fitness centre.

 If one is not listed, please choose one of the following options: 

  • Use a certificated trainer in your community.  Once you have made arrangements with the trainer, please submit his/her telephone number or email address to 911 Fitness.

  • Contact 911 Fitness (305) 297-5328 to notify new trainers in your community, who will contact you upon request.


  • Measure of Body Composition is performed applying the Skin-fold method with Lang Calipers at 3 sites on the body. 

  • The body composition of each team member will be totaled and averaged to give the team one score. 

  • The same method will be used for the final score. 

  • The winning team will be determined based the percent of improvement during the 12-week period (Jan Apr). 

  • Other Body Composition methods may be used if necessary or under unforeseen circumstances. Upon the approval of the 911 Challenge Staff.

  • The primary objective of the Challenge is to lose fat and gain muscle. 

  • If a team shows a loss of muscle at the end of the 12-week period, even if only one member of the team loses muscle, it will affect the entire team and therefore, the team will not be eligible to win.  Therefore, it is recommended to lose fat slowly and carefully to spare muscle tissue. 

  • Follow the NEW & IMPROVED 911 Program Journal available on-line following registration. 


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