Luisí Weight Loss Story

"The day Jim Sayih asked me to sign up for the 911 Fitness Challenge marked the beginning of the best day of my life! I read about the Challenge and saw previous winners and how much weight they lost, it sounded too good to be true! I decided that my weight was out of control, so I gave it a try and signed for the 911 Fitness Challenge.

I never had any health issues, but the older I was getting the harder it was to carry the extra weight. The 911 Fitness Challenge truly works!! It has changed my life, not only physically but mentally as well. I lost 26 lbs. of Fat but I gained 14 lbs of muscle. I dropped from 25% of Body Fat to 11% in the 12 weeks the Challenge last. The 911 Fitness Challenge has taught me that you donít have to starve to lose weight. I always believed that cutting back on portions and eating less sweets would be enough. It clearly was not enough! This Challenge has also taught me a lifelong lesson on how to manage my food and control my weight. I have never had cravings for certain foods or sweets. I have also had more energy.

Today at 50 years old I see myself living a long healthy life. If it worked for me, I know it will work for anyone!

Big Shout Out to Jim Sayih and the 911 Fitness Challenge Organization."  - Luis Valdes



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