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911 Certification Ambassador / Facilitators

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Jim Sayih  Karen Patten  Manny Rodriguez  Lorraine Luongo 
Miami, FL
Jim Sayih, M.S.
Anchorage, Ak
Karen Patten, B.S
New York City, NY
Manny Rodriguez,
Myrtle Beach, SC 
Lorraine Luongo
Robert Selders  Julie Monte  Frank Nunez  Eric Shay 
Dallas, TX
Robert Selders
Houston, TX
Julie Monte 
Chicago, IL
Frank Nunez,
St. Louis, MO
Eric Shay, B.S.
Michael Reyes  Steven Dion and Brandi Dion     
San Antonio, TX
Michael Reyes
Boston MA 
Steven Dion M.Ed
& Brandi Dion
Police, Firefighter and Military "Fitness Trainer

Today, every Police, Fire and Military Agency has a NEED for Physical Fitness. However, it may not be practical for all agencies to have a full time fitness staff and facility. Fortunately, most agencies possess fitness oriented, self - motivated individuals with a strong interest in helping others. Now your agency can utilize such existing, internal resources to assist your personnel in improving their various fitness levels.

Fitness Leaders require a background in various topics ranging from physiology to energy metabolism, anatomy to exercises and exercise principals to personal motivation The 911 FITNESS Certification for "Fitness Leader" utilizes guidelines established by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM); recognized for maintaining the highest standards in the fitness industry. This certification focuses on the practical fitness information needed as a fitness leader within your agency.

Course Topics

Section I

Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics details specific structures & operation of the human body with practical applications in exercise & daily activities.

Section II

Exercise Physiology provides a basis for general exercise physiology for the fitness trainer.

Section III

Human Development changes in maturation of muscle, bone and various exercise modalities, from childhood to adulthood.

Section IV

Pathophysiology / Risk Factors describes methods to identify participants with high-risk disease & when to prescribe exercise or referral to a physician.

Section V

Human Behavior / Psychology defines techniques to modify behavior, motivate individuals to exercise and communication.

Section VI

Appraisal & Fitness Testing describes method to measure strength, endurance, flexibility & body composition.

Section VII

Emergency Procedures & Safety describes factors for safe training practice, injury prevention and injury procedures for emergency situations.

Section VIII

Exercise Programming identifies principles for appropriate exercise sessions including intensity, frequency and duration.

Section IX

Nutrition & Weight Management describes energy balance, misconceptions on weight loss, health and body composition


More efficient work force and improved community relations. High Morale, reduce personnel absenteeism, injuries and stress. In-house, cost-effective, certified fitness experts, available department-wide.


$469.00 includes the following

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  • Membership
    * For Police, Firefighters and Military


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