911 Fitness Testimonials

City of Miami, Florida  Salutes 911 FITNESS 

"In recognition of your generous contributions to the welfare of our children enabling them to reach their physical and mental potential through the promotion of a healthy diet and physical fitness. Your unselfish commitment to sharing your time and talents to assist and educate the children has had an invaluable impact on our community. The City of Miami salutes you, expressing thanks for your fine work and for amazing kindness dedicated to the well being of our young people."

Joe Carollo, Mayor


Arnold Schwarzenegger Former Chairman President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports 8 time Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Legend

"I applaud you for taking such an active role in promoting fitness for the State of Florida Police with the "Police Chief Challenge".

Sincerely yours,
Arnold Schwarzenegger


Chief William B. Berger International Association of Chiefs of Police Vice-President

"Jim Sayih has been associated with the North Miami Beach Police Department with the implementation of his 911 FITNESS program. To say that morale and overall fitness of this department has greatly increased would be an understatement. Jim has brought real enthusiasm to all of the employees involved in his program. I believe that if you are considering 911 FITNESS as part of your department's curriculum, there is no doubt in my mind that this particular program will be an instant success and will reap a tremendous benefit to your entire organization. Jim Sayih is extremely motivated and has basically bent over backwards to accommodate our department. This program is a "Class Act".

Chief William B. Berger
Tom Cabrerizo, CEO TRENDS Clothing B.U.M. Equipment, Ocean Pacific, JimmyZ

January 11, 2000
"A special note of appreciation to 911 FITNESS I have been associated with 911 FITNESS since March 15th, 1999. As a victim of Gout, I require special attention with regard to nutrition. The exposure to different forms of exercises, equipment and different food combinations has created a new awareness and appreciation of health and fitness for me. My nutrition programs and exercise prescriptions are simple to follow and practical. My strength, coordination and agility have improved dramatically. Jim Sayih is honest, dependable and punctual. He directs 911 FITNESS with the highest integrity in every detail. He balances public safety fitness program development, motivates people to enroll in fitness competitions and always remembers the population who are less physically fortunate by giving to these charities. He is a credit to 911 FITNESS and the Fitness Industry. If you are sincere about fitness and want to improve your quality of life, I recommend 911 FITNESS for all your fitness needs."

Tom Cabrerizo, CEO

Lee Labrada Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia finalist and 22 other titles Founder of Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition

"Jim Sayih has done an outstanding job of helping police officers all over the country become more aware of the fitness lifestyle and get into better shape through the 911 FITNESS program. Jim is a very positive role model and leads by example. I highly recommend the 911 FITNESS program for any law enforcement department."

Lee Labrada, Mr. Universe
Phil Kaplan, Writer, MUSCLE & FITNESS magazine & author of TRANSFORM

"Jim Sayih, of 911 FITNESS, is the picture and heart of what fitness is all about. He takes "being fit" far and beyond an aesthetic and carries it as an ideal which rolls over into every aspect of his life. Being a police officer, a father and an educator helps Jim to set an example, one that is desperately needed in an industry that has been overrun with fraud and deception. Jim is a true fitness athlete and leader, a man who walks the talk and has my greatest admiration."

Phil Kaplan, Writer, MUSCLE & FITNESS
Stephen Dembinsky Assistant Chief of Police N.M.B.P.D.

"My police department contracted with 911 FITNESS to train and teach our entire police department, including civilians, how to eat properly and how to exercise properly in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle I attended the first lecture that Jim Sayih gave. I am your typical skeptical police officer, but as I listened to his lecture, what he was saying began to make sense. I decided to follow his eating program, even though I didn't believe it would really work. I had my body fat measured, and it was 23%. I followed this eating program faithfully for the next five weeks, and then measured my body fat again. It was now at 14.3%. I have no idea how much weight I've lost; Jim will not allow me to get on a scale. However, I have gone from a 36 ½" waist to a comfortable 34". I feel energized and my skin tone has improved. I feel sharper. I don't have "highs and lows" in my energy level. I wake up refreshed each morning. My body seems to be burning fat and gaining muscle every day."

Stephen Dembinsky. Assistant Chief of Police
Juan Gonzalez
Field Operations Division
City of Miami Police Department

A valuable piece of information! For those, who might have similar goals as mine? - "To live as long and as healthy as possible, to enjoy activities during retirement." During my career I have had the opportunity to be assigned to S.W.A.T. for five years then Homicide as a Supervisor for another five years. This has given me the trust of survival fitness.

Throughout the years I have observed many types of natural death. What interest me the most was the cause of death and the victim's physical condition prior to dying (including there diet and exercise). "Fact," people who exercise and eat better foods live a longer and healthier life.

Recently, I put all of this gathered information together to achieve my goal. Your 911 Fitness course provided me with knowledge of how everything in life falls into place, as one gets older. Diet and Exercise is everything in life. By applying myself to your training commitment of diet and exercise, I will reach my goal.

Now I drink Cuban Coffee with "Equal." Now I feel great all the time. My exercise is better than ever and I am getting stronger and losing body fat. Enough said on why I strongly feel everyone should attend the 911 FITNESS workshop.


Sergeant Juan Gonzalez


Lowell "Blackie" Ballas A.C.S.M.
Director of Fitness
City of Miami

"What Jim Sayih has to offer is a crisp, well-organized physical conditioning program that covers all aspects of Wellness. It incorporates reliable guidance at all levels of fitness. He gives the most comprehensive instructions, as a guide to learning and leaves no questions unanswered. Everything is explained in detail, allowing the client to understand the entire process. Jim Sayih's total research and commitment to the highest standards of performance have always impressed me and I whole-heartedly recommend his expertise to everyone, whether your a veteran or a novice, who wants to better themselves, in a very exciting way of life. I am proud to know Jim Sayih, as a professional and as my friend and I am honored to be on his team."  

Lowell "Blackie" Ballas, Director of Fitness
Sergeant Lee Spector
Training Unit
Ft. Lauderdale Police Department

"On a personal note,  after all these years of reading and knowing, I kicked myself in the derrier after we completed your Police Fitness Leader certification course. I changed my entire dietary habit to six meals a day, really watching my fat intake and doing a better job of balancing my carbs and protein.  I'm even trying a different weight lifting/aerobic routine to see how it works. (After all, I can't preach it if I don't believe it, right?) Gotta tell you that w/in days of changing my eating habits, I could feel a difference especially in regards to my energy level.  I hate to hand out compliments (it's just not my way) but your seminar really motivated me to get back on track. I don't know if I told you this but about 6 years ago, I had  several surgeries on my foot  for nerve damage. Prior to that, I was still on SWAT and in top notch condition. I'm talking 10% bodyfat, running like a demon, working out like a fool, you know.  After the surgeries, it took me more than a year to recover. Then I separated both of my shoulders in aikido and tore my left rotator cuff over the course of three years. In a nutshell, I was beating myself up and allowed myself to progressively add 25 lbs to my frame. I'm sure most of it was not good. My pant's sizes have increased embarrassingly as I approach the 40 mark. Well no more I tell you.  I'm giving myself 12-16 weeks for a target time to achieve my initial goals.  I'm gonna set the example here at the Fort Lauderdale P.D. and I owe you a debt of thanks. Next time we hook up, the lunch is on me pal. Sincerely, I want to thank you again for getting me going on the right track again."  

Sergeant Lee Spector
Deborah Lichter Nutrition Consultant

"I have been on every diet known to man. I have sat through support groups, weight loss clinics, weight watchers, dieticians, Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, liquid diets, even psychologist because I am overweight. My overeating was affecting my daily life; I could not work, in fact I could barely walk. Last year my weight shot up to 315 pounds; I am only 5'0" tall. My mother gave me a present which changed my life permanently. She scheduled an appointment with Jim Sayih from 911 FITNESS, who met with me the following week. He taught me eating habits, the caveman principal, and much more. I later became intrigued with nutrition - I was becoming a well person. A person who could now concentrate, had energy, and was happy. 45 pounds later, I became a nutrition junkie. I now work at a nutrition store advising others how to eat and have become very knowledgeable in the field of Sports Nutrition. I may not have the body of an athlete YET, but I sure know how to get there. That is the most precious thing to me. I thank 911 FITNESS for giving me a push that took me away from dieting to permanently changing my lifestyle."

Deborah Lichter Nutrition Consultant

Brigitte L. Gray Age 52, Diabetic Miami, Florida

"This note is to thank you for working with me these past months despite your busy schedule and the many demands on your time. When we first started I could barely walk a block without great effort and pain, and my tennis had deteriorated greatly. After several tests and doctor visits, I was told that I have arthritis and a herniated disc. There was nothing the neuro-surgeon could do except to recommend back strengthening exercise. In the past 3 months I have improved tremendously thanks to the workouts with you. You came highly recommended and everybody, including me, has only the best to say about you. Also my tennis game is almost back to where it was a year ago, although not on the par of Steffi Graf, Yet!!!! Thanks again!"

Brigitte L. Gray
Christopher Veverka Florida Highway Patrol "I would really like to thank Jim and all the members of the 911 FITNESS Staff for their courtesy and assistance during the Cops Challenge. Especially I would like to thank our team leader Gifford Ramsey for getting me involved in this event.

During these eight weeks I lost 21 pounds and 5.3% total body fat. I feel more energized and healthy than I have since finishing the Highway Patrol Academy more than fifteen years ago.

I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol several years ago and I have been on medication for both for several years. Midway through the competition, I had a doctor's appointment with my Cardiologist and my blood pressure was down in the normal range and my cholesterol was down to an amazing 117. My doctor thought that it was mistake until he saw me. All my friends have really noticed a difference in my energy level and even just in my personality in general.

I would really recommend 911 FITNESS to any Law Enforcement officers and their families, just for the morale boost alone. Thanks again guys! I am now looking forward to an improved lifestyle from now on.

Christopher Veverka, Florida Highway Patrol
Veverka Before
Veverka After
Tim Carroll "Mass Casualties,"  2005 Fitness Challenge, Northeastern winner  

"The reason I joined the team this year was mainly for motivation to get myself back into shape. My workouts had been going down hill for the past few years and I really lacked motivation to go to the gym.  This competition was the perfect opportunity to get myself into the  best shape of my life, and it really paid off.    The challenge motivated me more than I ever thought it would, whether it was getting up for a 5 am run before work or going to the gym after a long night of fighting fires and saving lives. Knowing that my  teammates were counting on me was enough to keep me going.    Although my workout intensity increased tremendously, I owe about 80% of my success to Diet. Chicken, Fish, Brown rice, etc. I would say my diet was the cleanest it has ever been, and that also increased my  energy level. For supplements I took Creatine, Protein, Amino acids, and a multi-vitamin.    My workouts included 30-60 min of cardio 4 days a week, high intensity weight training 5-6 days a week, and plyometric training 3 days a  week.    Thanks for the motivation."

Tim Carroll, NE Winner, 2005 Fitness Challenge 

Lt. Mike Carroll Stoughton Fire Dept, Massachusetts, 2005 Fitness Challenge, Northeastern winner   "During my 12 week program to put on lean muscle mass and cut my body fat percentage, I first had to do an overhaul of my nutrition intake, I stopped taking in all starch white carbohydrates and turned to high fibrous carbs and as much veg as I wanted along with lean protein and omega 3-6 fats. I ate a meal every 2-3 hours 1-2 meals were a Meal replacements. I also added a multi-vitamin (twinlab), creatine (phosphogen hp), and whey protein. I also drank water all day long to stay hydrated and flush my system. With 8 weeks out I started to lessen my intake of fruits and no sugar. My workouts consisted of cardio first thing in the morning then resistance training in the afternoon. My rep range remained high from 10-15 reps but I tried to load my muscles by constantly increasing my weights. The last four weeks I decided to do a 30-40 minute workout going non stop with resistant exercises combined with cardio in between my sets and I did a lot more functional training with med balls. I really kept an eye on my heart rate as to this is best indicator as to having the most efficient workout. I learned how to time my meals with my workouts and get the most out of everything I ate and every rep I lifted."

Lt. Mike Carroll Stoughton Fire Dept.
Mike Peck 2005 Fitness Challenge, Northeastern winner   "First, let me say that I think you are doing a great job promoting fitness for Firefighters and Police Officers. In three months, my body has totally changed. Without such a challenge I'm not sure I would have had the motivation to make this transformation. There is no doubt in my mind that a physically fit firefighter is a "better" firefighter. Fighting fires is not as draining to my body since completing your challenge. Keep up the good work. So many people will benefit by taking your challenge. This is how I changed my diet. It wasn't easy at first, but after a few weeks it became routine. First, I quit drinking coffee and soda. Quitting coffee was not easy at first. But, after a few days I became used to no caffeine. This was important, I didn't want to rely on caffeine to wake me up anymore. For the three months I only drank water and skim milk. Second, I ate 5-7 small meals a day instead of 2-3 large meals. At every meal I made sure I ate a big portion of protein (usually chicken or lean beef) and a "clean" carb (plain potato or brown rice) and a vegetable. Third, I drank protein shakes for at least two of my meals every day. Finally for one of my meals per week I would eat whatever I wanted...pizza, ice cream...you name it. The funny thing was, however, after eating this "pig out" meal, I would feel like crap. I couldn't wait to get back to eating healthy. But, I still felt like I needed it for a break and something to look forward to.

This is how I trained. I worked out six days a week. I took one day completely off, and did not train on that day. On Day One I trained upper body, two exercises per body part. Day Two I did cardio- 20 minutes jogging on a treadmill. I put the setting on hills, but maintained a constant speed. Day Three was lower body- two exercises for each body part. After legs I did abs- 5 sets of 2 different types of varied ab exercises. Day 4- cardio again, Day 5 upper again, Day 6 cardio again, and Day 7 rest. The next week would start over beginning with lower body and abs. Every week I would try to increase the weight on exercises slightly. This proved successful as I increased my strength weekly. I did 6-12 reps on each exercise for 5 sets, each body part, increasing the weight for each set. By the time the three months was over I felt like I could run the Boston Marathon. I was truly in the best shape of my life... at age 35!!! Some of the things I learned is that working out is only half the process. I've worked out before and had some good results, but combining a good workout routine with good eating makes all the difference in the world. Also, even though I only did cardio for 20 minutes 3 times a week, I know that benefited me tremendously. I feel a huge difference in my stamina on the fire ground. I think this is partly due to the fact that I ran hills on the treadmill, and not just flat. This made the 20 minutes a true cardio workout."

Mike Peck 2005 Fitness Challenge, NE winner  

Jon DeLena Team Enduring Freedom"  

"Jim, Thanks for the opportunity for myself and my team, "TEAM ENDURING FREEDOM", to compete in the challenge...I took great pride in helping the members of our team with their diet and training regimen. I saw each team member swell with pride as they began to see results....the concept of a "team" challenge was definitely beneficial. Nobody wanted to risk letting the rest of the team down...which is much like the team concept which we as cops and firefighters experience every day on the job. The 12 weeks were a success for our team and hopefully inspired others that we work with to take the steps necessary to live a healthier lifestyle."

Jon DeLena 

R. Patrick Gillis The Extinguishers Ft. Lauderdale Fire/Rescue

"Your 911 fitness contest challenged me and the other four members of "The Extinguishers" team from the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department to get off of our butts and get healthy.  Most of us have been on diets and exercise programs before. We have never been on a program that caused us to cover so many areas at once.  Your 911 fitness program urged us to lose weight in a healthy manner.  With the diet and weight lifting program designed for us according to your guidelines by Keith Gillis, Certified Personal Trainer, owner of the Muscle Zone Gym, and past winner of the Fla. Super Natural Body Building Competition, we are all the healthier, and more fit than we have been in years. Due to the low fat diet, regular aerobic workouts, and weight lifting our total cholesterol has gone down and our good cholesterol has gone up.   My blood pressure and cholesterol had gone up to the point that my doctor was going to put me on medication for both.  I asked him to do another check after 10 weeks into the 911 fitness competition dieting and workouts. He was very pleased, my blood pressure is now averaging 115/75 and my cholesterol was lower than ever. My other team members also experienced dramatic beneficial effects on their vital statistics. When I went in for my annual physical last week my Doctor could not stop talking about how pleased he was with my change for the better. The 30+ lb. weight loss and added muscle got his attention, especially since he has always promoted physical fitness for better health.   Thanks Jim, the best thing that happened to me in years was getting the notification of the 911 fitness contest in my email. It was just the shove I needed to get back into shape.  I plan to continue to build on my new level of fitness for the rest of my life which I think will be longer and healthier now."    

R. Patrick Gillis

James F. Giordano THE LAW DAWGS Leon County Sheriff's Office  

"Jim, just wanted to send you a quick e-mail. So far up to this point I have lost 43 lbs and dropped my pants size almost 6 sizes. When people see me that I have not seen in a month or so they do a double take. I am going to have to get measured again so that I can get all new uniforms. If I did not use 7 keepers to hold up my gun belt it would look as if I was a gun slinger from the cowboy days with a low slung hip holster. This program has been a life changer for not only me, my wife but for the countless other people at my Department (Leon County Sheriff's Office). When they have seen the results that I, along with the other LAW DAWGS team members have had, I have been handing out copies of my diet like fliers to a party. Just last night some of my friends at the Tallahassee Police Dept. got their copies of the diet too. Looking forward to the re-weigh in Jax."  

James F. Giordano

Patricia Addison
Miami-Dade Police Cops Challenge #2 Winner  

"I want to thank 911 FITNESS & Associates for presenting the Cops Challenge #2 fitness contest. Words are actually very inadequate for how I feel about the contest and all that it has meant to me personally. I am 52 years old, weighed almost 200 pounds and have Rheumatoid Arthritis for over ten years. I have been on some of the strongest medications available and have had seven (7) operations, including a total joint replacement in my foot. I was depressed because of my deteriorating health situation. After my Team, 'Fit, Fun happy Guns', won the $ 5,000.00 Grand Prize, we made a donation to the Police Officer's Assistance Trust and a presentation at our Directors staff meeting. The Training Bureau posted a large congratulations banner along with the summary and a the huge 'winner's check' on the gym wall. I have now lost 22 pounds and am still getting up at 3:00 am each day to be at the Training Bureau to workout before work. My co-workers are saying, "Who are you? You are not the same person we used to know." My Arthritis has gone into remission and I have actually stopped all medication, with only some minor joint pain in my hand left. I have taken up running as well as bike events. I simply love eating every two to three hours…that is the greatest thing going for me. Now I am never hungry. There are simply not enough words to really express how I feel about the changes that are happening to me as a result of the contest. Again, I thank you with all my heart."  

Patricia Addison

Patricia Addison Before 

Patricia Addison After
William Houston
Miami-Dade Police  

"I feel that the Cops Challenge program allowed me to develop program that opened a lot of doors in the fitness arena. The program also gave me the ability to explore many new avenues of fitness not otherwise known to me."

William Houston