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Choose to Improve your Mood!

tip  To improve your mood, reduce stress and gain health, smile and laugh often.  Even if you fake it, the result is the same.  Our emotions are based on motion, either facial motion (smile), posture and gate.  Experiment with yourself.  Make an angry face and record how you feel.  Walk slow with poor posture, record how you feel. As you laugh your brain will release endorphins which will make you feel good.  You can use this technique when preparing your state of mind to get ready for an interview or other situations that require you to be your best.  Remember, your state of mind will determine your emotions.  Snap out of it and choose to improve your mood.  smile!
Thanks for dropping by!   Lt. Jim Sayih is a retired Miami Police Lieutenant, and Physiologist with a Masters Degree in Sports Science.  He is CEO of the 40,000 member 911 Fitness program and Fitness Commitment Institute as well as a 2008 Winner of the Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Community Leadership Award. Check out Jim's  latest news, announcements, articles and health & training tips!