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Words of Wisdom

tip "Our bodies have voices.  They are most often drowned out by the constant babble of the world we create for ourselves, but they are there, waiting, and willing to tell us what they need.  Most often subtle and quiet, the voices get louder as we refuse to listen."  Dr. Judith Petry

Junk Food Link to Cancer

tip The American Cancer Society and The American Institute of Cancer Research agree that a junk food diet contributes significantly to some forms of cancer.  Thirty to forty percent of cancers are directly related to diet.  Make better choices and remind yourself you truly are what you eat.  Ask yourself every time you feed yourself, how is this food going to help support my body.

Say No to Sugar!

tip  Cancer feeds on sugar.  Reduce your cancer risk by consuming a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and limit refined, processed foods.  You will discover that your energy levels will increase.  You will feel less sleepy.  Now you have the energy to go exercise – Just do it

Conquering Stress Through Good Relationships!

tip Good relationships with people who don't judge or criticize you is a great buffer against stress. High achievers are always encouraging each other to improve, innovate and commit to excellence.  Chronic stress will weaken your immune system, age your cells faster and shorten your lifespan by 4 to 6 years.  Surround yourself with people who aim high, serving others and mentoring those without guidance.

Diet Linked to Lowering Blood Pressure

tip  The Journal of Clinical Hypertension found that increasing magnesium and potassium intake by consuming more veggies and fruit can help to lower your blood pressure by 2 to 6 points especially when combined with salt reduction.

Vitamin C for More Youthful Skin

tip A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that people who ate foods high in Vitamin C had fewer wrinkles and less age related dry skin than those who consumed a diet low in Vitamin C. sources include citrus fruits, strawberries and apples.  Vitamin C is also water soluble which means consuming too much will not be toxic and what is not used will be eliminated in urine, revealing a darker yellow color.

Spotlight on Zinc 

tip Zinc is the single most nutritional deficiency in North America.  Major sources of zinc are whole grain breads and cereals.  Select Brown Rice, Barley, and Oatmeal.  Refined white flour and sugar have no zinc and drain the body of B vitamins.

 Important Role of Fiber  

tip Eating whole grains lowers your risk of high blood pressure, according to Harvard.  One of the reasons is they contain fiber, which produces by-products that reduce damage to your arteries and help prevent hypertension.  Fiber-rich whole foods are better than supplements because they contain several nutrients.  The effect is synergistic because fiber’s effect is enhanced by food’s anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, especially potassium.

 Managing Stress through Good Sleeping Habits

tip  Stress Management begins with quality sleep.  Poor sleep habits contribute to high blood pressure, stroke and hypertension.  Poor sleep also contributes to storing more fat.  The hormone Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone” helps you save fat.  Use your bed for sleep and sex only.  Do not pay bills in bed or distract your partner with loud noises including television or music.  If necessary, sleep in another room.  Avoid exercise, alcohol and caffeine 4 – 6 hours before bed.  Beware, some over the counter medication have hidden stimulants.  If you are anxious in bed write down what’s on your mind and try to relax.  Your room should be dark and comfortable.  Finally, drink 8 ounces of water before bed to maintain hydration.

 Important Role of Hydration

tip  Hydration is one of the most important functions of the human body.  Water helps to oxygenate the cells, helps cells move, metabolize fat, muscle contraction and cools the body.  Water also helps eliminate toxins, moves waste products from the intestines and makes the kidneys work efficiently.  As hydration levels drop, physical performance declines. Muscle is a one of the storehouses for water.  Just talking will contribute to moisture loss.  Drink frequently throughout the day and reap the benefits of clear, sharp thinking, powerful physical movements and function.

 Daily Meditation - Key to Increased Well-being

tip  Routine daily meditation has revealed vitality a greater sense of well-being and inner peace.  Meditating for only as 15-20 minutes per day will help decrease the perception of stress and increase relaxation.  Simply practice deep breathing and visualization of calming images.

 Bounce to Improve your Health! 

tip  A rebounder or mini trampoline is an excellent form of exercise.  Gently bouncing for a few minutes daily will stimulate every cell in your body and assist your lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.

 Effects of Trans Fats on the Brain

tip  Trans fats are found in margarine, processed baked goods, fried foods and saturated fats found in meat and full fat dairy products have been shown to make brain cells hard and rigid.  These fats also interfere with your brain's ability to process information quickly.

  Drinking Beverages at Mealtime

tip  When eating meals avoid drinking beverages with the meals.  Drinking beverages will dilute your digestive enzymes and interfere with the digestion process.

 Reduce Stress and Feel Better! 

tip  Cortisol is a hormone released when you experience stress.  Elevated cortisol levels are directly related to accelerated signs of aging, body fat, skin disorders, memory loss, body fluid retention and high blood pressure.  Time management is a powerful practice to combat Stress.  Balance time for yourself to decompress, laugh and recharge.

  Food Label Carbs vs Sugar   
People are often confused by the grams of sugars listed on food labels. These sugars include the natural ones that come from fruit and dairy products, so they can be misleading. You are best off looking only at the number of carbohydrates (carbs raise blood glucose) for blood sugar control and at the ingredients label to determine how nutritious (or not) a product is.

 911 Fit Affect 911 Fit Affect

tip Strength training has many benefits, use various speeds of your repetitions for different results.  Slow repetitions will increase your metabolism and are good for toning muscle.  Fast repetitions increase cardiovascular and flexibility benefits.  Best of all, try the 911 Fit Affect workouts which combine bursts of running with high intensity strength training benefiting both worlds of cardio and strength fitness.


Minimize Injuries - Protect Your Knees & Ankles

tip Police bailouts are one of the leading causes of knee injuries.  It is the combination of the ankle being rotated as the officer exits the car with the knee extending as the officer thrusts his body away from the car to start the pursuit. 

The best cross training methods for developing strong connective tissue surrounding the ankles and the knees are squats, lunges, hops, side steps with grapevine sprints, running backwards, forward zig-zags and fun, recreational sports like volleyball, basketball, football, tennis or just chasing your children around the yard.  The more active you are, the better off you will be in developing stronger connective tissue around the ankles and knees and minimize injury.

Resistance Strength Train Twice a Week 

tip  Resistance Strength train a minimum of two times per week.  This will increase your metabolism, increase your muscle mass, which will ultimately will burn more fat.

 Overcome Lower Back Pain from Sitting

tip  Lower Back Pain is a result of sitting for long durations and frequently.  Flexibility in the Hamstring (rear thigh) muscles is key.  Simply stand and bend forward reaching for your toes.  Hold the stretch and breathe for 15-20 seconds.  Repeat 4 times.  Abdominal strength must be included.  Traditional sit-ups, crunches, combined with rotation twists will develop and strengthen the abs.  Finally, if you’re sitting for more than an hour at a time, you are more likely to begin early stages of lower back pain.  Therefore, stand up and walk every hour and make time to briefly stretch your legs.

 Build the Ultimate V-Shaped Back

tip  Pull-ups help build a strong, “V” shaped back.  The muscles include the Posterior Deltoids (rear shoulder), the Latissimus Dorsi (V-shape), the Forearms and the Biceps.  You can practice different methods including the traditional vertical body position, hanging from a bar and pulling yourself up so your chin reaches the bar.  You can change the grip from Pronated to Supinated as you wish.  The variety is a good way to make it fun.  Record how many you can perform and try to increase the repetitions each time you train.  You can do pull-ups on alternate exercise days.  You will benefit with pronounced shoulder development and a thick, upper back.  If you watch your weight, your waist-line will appear small with broad shoulders making your back look like a giant letter “V”.

 Getting a Grip!

tip  Grip strength development is important for 911 responders.  For police, situations include combating subjects requiring submitting or grabbing them until secured, protecting your firearm.  Firefighters must carry heavy equipment, sometimes for extended durations or rescuing a victim by grabbing their hand or clothing.  The muscles that control your grip are located in your forearms.  Practice movements to extend the wrist by moving the knuckles towards the elbow and flexing movements away from the elbow.   Also, practice squeezing a tennis ball for multiple repetitions until you can’t squeeze at all.  Another method includes holding a barbell, palms up and allow to slowly open both hands so the bar rolls down to the finger tips, then roll the bar back up so the grip is closed.  Then increase the weight as you progress.  Work your grip on alternate workout days and as the last part of your workout before your cool-down.

 The Power of Push-ups! 

tip  Push-Ups are one of the best all-around strength endurance methods.  Just holding the push-up position will strengthen your core, lower back and stabilizing muscles surrounding your shoulder joints and neck.  The movements of descending to the ground and up, development muscles of the Triceps (back of arm), Anterior Deltoid (front shoulder) and Pectoralis Major (chest).  In combat situations, the push-up can help you defend yourself by pushing your subject away or pushing a heavy object from you or pushing yourself off the floor quickly.  Push-ups can be included in your daily fitness sessions because their intensity is moderate to low.  If you are a beginner and push ups are difficult, then the intensity may be considered high.  Therefore, beginners can perform push-ups every other day to allow for optimum recovery.  

 Build a Strong Core 

tip  Start every Training Session with 100 repetitions of abdominal midsection movements including the 3 planes of movements – Sagittal (sit-up), Frontal (side bends), and Transverse (torso twist).  By including these movements in your daily routine, will increase to development of the core of your abdominal muscles.  In addition, working the core first will help warm up the body for your session.  Try 33 repetitions for each plane and watch your strength and coordination improve for all your different exercises and sports.

 Squats for Peak Physical Performance 

tip Squats are great for developing powerful legs.  You can perform them with or without weight.  Squats help improve your efficiency in walking, balancing, speed and overall strength.  Squats can be performed fast and slow or from a chair and even squat jump for high performance training.  Squats are great for losing fat and building muscular legs.  High intensity squats should be performed once per week.  Medium intensity can be completed 2 times per week.  If done without weights, you can perform them 3 times per week.  Do repetitions enough to generate a burning sensation, take a break and repeat 3 sets.